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Omoral i vår passivitet

Några Oxfordnördar argumenterade 2012 för att det borde göras lagligt att döda nyfödda barn, eller ”efter födsel abort” som de kallar det (https://jme.bmj.com/content/early/2012/03/01/medethics-2011-100411).
En politisk aktivist i Kuwait föreslog 2011 att man skulle återinföra slavhandel. Kvinnor från krigszoner skulle köpas in och säljas som sexslavar, för att förhindra omoralen av utomäktenskapliga relationer (https://www.thenational.ae/world/men-should-have-sex-slaves-says-female-kuwaiti-politician-1.399715). Vissa tolkningar av islam gör undantag i äktenskapsregler så att gifta män får ligga med slavar, slavar som då kallas ”de som din högra hand innehar (https://quran.com/4/24). I en av sina slavaktioner hänvisade IS direkt till denna koranvers (http://zeenews.india.com/news/world/watch-a-scene-at-isis-slave-market-500-for-green-eyed-girl_1493339.html) det finns dock en teologisk debatt om textstycket egentligen inte syftar till rätten att gifta sig med slavar som redan är gifta, istället för att handla om våldtäkt (http://quransmessage.com/articles/sex%20with%20slave%20girls%20FM3.htm) men islamisk lag har enligt BBC oftast inneburit att ”Owners are allowed to have sex with their female slaves” (http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/islam/history/slavery_1.shtml).
När jag nämner dessa provokativa förslag kokar nog blodet lite. Vem kan föreslå något så horribelt agerande. Jag förbryllas mer av faktiskt agerande än av folk som uttrycker omoraliska förslag, då det alltid finns idioter i alla grupper och institutioner blir vikten istället hur helheten håller tillbaka sina hemskaste medlemmar. Om två hundra år kommer nog ingen minnas få av de förslag som framfördes i olika länder och organisationer, men agerande kommer dokumenteras väl.

Med det sagt, kan vi konstateras att slaveriförespråkaren i Kuwait och barnamordsapologisterna troligen kommer gnagas bort av tidens tand. Men Sveriges ovilja att åtala sina IS-återvändarna kommer bestå. Vi har faktiskt gjort något i vår passivitet, vi har signalerat till hela världen att människor i tredje världen inte har ett människovärde. Vi har låtit förövare gå fria, vilket möjliggör för nya offer.  Det kommer bli svårt att förlåta. 


Swedens refusal to prosecute ISIS-members

Bildresultat för Bherlin Dequilla Gildo

***If you agree with the goal of prosecuting ISIS-returnees, there is a petition for you to sign:https://www.change.org/p/the-swedish-state-swedish-is-members-must-be-brought-to-justice
If you wish to know why the petition is worth signing, then proceed to read the article below***

This is Bherlin Dequilla Gildo he travelled from Sweden to join ISIS, took part in several assaults, and has been photographed next to human corpses – some of which he has referred to as ”dogs” as way of mocking the dead. He has not been punished, or even been prosecuted upon his return to Sweden. [I] Gildo is only one of the many ISIS-members who has gone unpunished in Sweden. If you are easily offended or angered, I recommend that you stop reading now. If you chose to stay, then I will explain why this leniency towards ISIS-returnees is not only highly immoral, but also arguably a case of neglecting swedish law.

It is estimated that since 2012, 300 swedish individuals have travelled abroad to join  jihadi-groups. About 80 percent of these foreign fighters are associated with ISIS, and a substantial minorty with Jabhat al-Nusra. Some of the extremists have travelled back and forth between the conflict area and Sweden. Almost all of them have cheated the swedish state so as to access financial support under false pretences while working for ISIS. [II]

According to Swedish law, all of these returnees should be charged for having made preparations to commit crimes, as well as accepting an employment to perform illegal acts. Swedish law prohibits all of this. It also bans giving/receiving of payments to commit crimes. Additionally Swedish law also prohibits facilitating crimes. All of this is spelled out in our penalcode (i.e ”Brottsbalken”) chapter 23, paragraph 2.  This in combination with the swedish ban against terrorism (”Lag (2003:148) om straff för terroristbrott” paragraph 4), which broadens the criteria of guilt to include conspiring to commit terrorism – makes the legal case even more clear cut. [III] In accordance with these laws, all returnees should all be prosecuted for preparations to commit murder, enslavement or terrorism – seeing as these are the main activities pertaining to ISIS. All who joined ISIS must have known that they volunteered to commit, or assisted others in committing terrorism. They have also received a salary for their willingness to perform illegal tasks if commanded to.

Whether one can be proven to have committed an act of terror, the standard applied currently, should not be relevant to the criminal activity of preparing or conspiring  to commit a crime, a preparation that is fulfilled by simply traveling to ISIS-controlled territory and joining their ranks.

As a comparison, in 2016 a man was convicted of planning a murder when he traveled to his ex-partner with a knife and an axe in his car. The women was warned by friends of the man, that he harbored murderous intentions. Another man has been convicted for the act of travelling armed only with a hammer, to a place where he wrongfully believed his potential victim lived. The court decided that the potential victims life was never in danger, but still upheld the law by convicting the man for preparing to commit murder.  Yet another person has been convicted of planning to steal a jacket, in this case for cutting of the alarm attached to it. The swedish high court, our supreme judicial authority, has also convicted a man for planning to travell to a bank with the purpose of robbing it. This latest case has the power of legal precedence, seeing as the case was seatled by the supreme court. The case should be a point of guidance for our legal system, a dissenting judge even noted in this case – that local courts have a high level of freedom to interpret at what stage the  ”planing”-phase of a crime can be said to bave begun.[IV] Which means that even if the issue of returnees stod on shaky grounds, the courts would still possess the prerogative to make novel interpretations of the law. All these facts point to one conclusion.

According to CNN, ISIS-members had to fill out ”a kind of job application for the terror group”. With the two employment options of being a ”fighter” or ”suicide attacker”. Having said this, we should take the time to look into what ”conspiring to commit crimes”, mentioned in the Swedish ban against terrorism – is supposed to mean. The swedish prosecution agency defines the term as referring to ”A form of preparation which means that a person in consultation with another person decides to commit a crime, attempts to induce another party to commit a crime or takes it upon themself to commit a crime”. [V]

Ask yourself, how could signing a contract not be considered an act falling under this description? Isn’t the signing of a contract, for the purpose of agreeing to perform a service for an organisation, to take something upon onself? By travelling to a conflict zone and signing up as fighters for a terror group in the area were they are activly commiting their atrocities, all ISIS-returnees have committed far greater preperations for crimes, than all the swedish legal cases just mentioned. Even if a man joined ISIS, only to do non-violent acts in order to earn his paycheck, let us say he simply repaired cars – these vehicles are still used to transport slaves and travel to hotspots to commit murder. In other words he is still facilitating crimes, which as previously mentioned is outlawed as well. Both the law and legal precident, demand that returnees are charged, but the swedish authorities remain passive on the issue.

One thing should be clarified, the swedish government has instituted a specific ban against travelling to join terrorgroups, but this ban was instituted to late, late enough so that most ISIS-returnees can not be prosecuted under this law. Seeing as they travelled before the prohibition was put into effect. Some ISIS-members are prosecuted, but only if they admitt to or can be proven to be guilt of concrete violations  that they as individuals have committed (by which i mean other violations than that the act of preparing crimes, a transgression that they are all guilty of – by definition).

All the major parties in sweden have special spokespersons on the issue of law and order, I have emailed all of these (I couldn’t find our feminist party FI:s spokesperson personal email, so I sent to their general email). Asking if they could file a policereport against all ISIS-returnees. Similarly to how the socialdemocrats womensgroup filed a policereport against a dating site, a site that promoted sugerdejting, something that the womensgroup thought should fall under the current ban against pimping and prostitution. Despit the law not being crystal clear in favour of their interpretation [VI]

This womensgroup did not act in an unusual or unproductive way, laws do not exist in a vacuum but must instead be interpreted. Taking a case to court can radically change how laws are applied and how society functions. To take an American example, Lochner v. New York was one simple case that dramatically changed working life of New Yorkers and started what was called the Lochner era. Other parties have also filled police reports on separate occasions [VII]. This dramatic devolpment from taking a single case to court, is of course possible in Swedens own legal system as well. The Swedish retailer ICA once started selling alchohol, in hopes of having the statemonopoly on alcohol overturned by a judge.

The major parties of sweden would have a world to win by trying to bring a single ISIS-returnee to justice. They could accomplish a lot by simply asking tough questions to the judicial branch of government, or more dramatically by appointing new higher ups to our legal institutions (always acting within the limits set up for the executive branch of course, I am not advocating any form of banana republic:ish actions). For we must remember that the swedish prosecutions agencies passivity on the issue, is not an unavoidable state of affairs. In regards to hate speech, the local Malmö branch of the prosecution agencie stated recently in an official document meant to guide its employees in upholding the law, that: ”the separation between what falls under the realm of freedom of speech, and what falls within the realm of that which is harmfull for vulnerable groups, is a judicial question rather than a question of evidence – and should be settled by the courts through convictions. Instead of being decided upon by attorneys choosing which cases not to prosecute”[VIII]

Through applying legitimate pressure, our parties could ensure that new guiding documents and policies were produced to guide attorneys in taking the same proactive approach regarding prosecuting on the issue of preparing to commit crimes.

They could help create a new precident that would bring redress to the victims of ISIS, by starting a chain reaction of having all returnees charged. They would stand nothing to lose. Despite this the major parties all ignore this option, most of them even ignored my emails. Except for two spokesperson, one for the Liberal party and one for the Green party. Take note that liberal in the swedish sense is closer to ”classical liberal” or libertarian (i.e ”small goverment”-advocates), rather than the American meaning of liberal  (as being left of center). The spokesperson for the liberal party responded by asking if a prosecution against the ISIS-returnees was even possible. I recommended that he contact the Swedish security police Säpo (I was referred there myself when I tried to take the issue to court) to find out. I also asked him if the liberal party finds it problematic, if indeed it would turn out to be true that the ISIS-returnees were impossible to file a policereport against. He has not responded to my follow up questions.

The Green Party responded by stating that they did not have any need to file a police report. It is unclear whether their spokesperson understod the reasoning behind the Social democrats womens group. Their spokesperson also insisted that the constitution was not worth changing in this case,  that she trusted in our legal institutions to carry out their functions. I asked if her inaction on the issue did not violate the golden rule (the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated), would not she have wanted all necessary measures to be taken if she were one of the victims of ISIS? Would she have found her own response sufficient, if she imagined herself in such a role? She did not respond to this question.

Upon repeated attempts to contact them, the left party finaly responded. In a similar manner to the green party, they chose not to act.  None of the other parties have responded at all.

Another comparison of applied legal interpretation, is worth bringing up. A 79 year old man has been convicted of hatespeech for writing ”fuck allah”, ”fuck islam” and ”arab swines go home”. [IX] This case illustrates a thought pattern, most likely a subconscious one, that I think is part of the explination as to why no prosecution has been attempted. There is at play, a form of eurocentrism (to focus strongly on europe or europeans/excluding non-europeans and their experience), a eurocentrism that trivialises the experiences of the people of the third world. The 79 year old man wrote his slogans in view of swedish muslims and swedes with arabic ethnicity, and the legal system was therefore willing to take the case to court. The victims of ISIS are Iraqi and Syrians, and as such the system doesn’t value their rights as highly. Many westerners have come to view violations against people of the third world as ”natural” or inevitable, thereby rendering legal efforts to protect them irrelevant. With that in mind, take a hard looke at this Swedish ISIS-member:

Relaterad bild

His name is Michael Skråmo. How can one not look upon a white man born in Sweden travelling to a terrorist organisation in a third world country, signing a countract to kill for them and accepting a paycheck to do their bidding, facilitating their crimes against the local population – and not see the immense bigotry of the Swedish state choosing to not at least try and prosecute people like him upon returning to his homeland. The government agency responsible for crime prevention, has notet that: ”If the potential plaintiff [i.e victim] is swedish and the accused seems to be of foreign origin the propensity to investigate crime increases. But if both parties seem to be of foreign origin, the results are reveres: in these cases the police are less eager to start an investigation”. This pattern was observed regarding the phenomenon physical abuse. I would wager that it is a pattern that applies to law and order more generally. Doesn’t this pattern fit well as an explanation for the government’s inaction? To me it seems like swedish authorities have in their bigotry (subconsciously) excluded the perpetrators from the swedish identity, and the victims from their moral sphere of concern. They seem to view the incident as ”an ingroup problem” for ”arabs” or ”muslims” – not something that ”real swedes” should be concerned about.

Let us look closer at the previous case of the 79 year old man convicted of hate speech. The action of writing ”arab swines go home” is definetly immoral, but is this elderly man really a threat to anyone? Most likely not. Swedish muslims and Swedes with arabic ethnicity, could at most be offended by his activity. The swedish state values their feelings enough to prosecute, but it does not value the physical safety and freedom of people belonging to the third world, enough to even attempt to prosecute swedish inhabitants who travell far away to murder and enslave these third world:ers. ISIS has declared war on all shia muslims, and there are reports of them attempting to cleans the areas they conquered of all shias. ISIS have also been conducting a genocide against middle eastern christians. [X].

As a consequence of not being charged, these ISIS-returnees will not be given a fair chance of rehabilitation. The victims of these ISIS-returnees are third world:ers today, but there is little in the way of stopping these victimisers from stealing a truck and killing swedes. We can rarely act immoral towards others, without creating the circumstances for being victimised ourself. The swedish states seems to assume that it can allow members of it’s own people to terrorise the inhabitants of the third world, without consequence – the question is how long this illussion will hold. In fact one ISIS-returnee has already been arrested for a murder he allegedly committed in sweden.

The principles at stake here are much larger than these 300 jihadist. Nazis that travelled to fight for the far right in Ukraine around 2014 [XI] have also gone without any attempt at prosecution upon their return to Sweden. A conviction against these ISIS-returnees could be the first step against taking these nazi-warriors to court.

Some legal objections might be brought fourth here, such as it being necessary for the act to be illegal in both sweden and the countries were the actions were performed, to enable prosecution. This is not a problem in both the cases of Iraq and Syria. Both countries have laws on the books that enables a wide interpretation of terrorism and prosecution of terrorist. Human Rights Watch has even complained that the Iraqi law enables such a wide application that innocent people risk being convicted. Similare criticism has been aimed at Syrias ”Counter-terrorism Law” which contains a number of definition of ”terrorist act, terrorist organization and terrorism financing”, as well other Syrian laws banning ”promoting terrorist [activities]”. [XII] The point being that the laws of these countries are if anything to far reaching, not to modest to hinder prosecutions.

Another potential objection, is to claim that the laws I have named are impossible to apply in the ways I advocate – to insist that I am merely an amateur lost in the corridor of paragrafs and convoluted legal principles. If we assume this objection to be true, it only makes one wonder why new laws are not made to serve justice better? In which case the apologist for ISIS point out that the swedish constitution prohibits laws to  be enacted for actions that took place before the laws were put into place, and that such enactments would be unethical. This principle is referred to as the ban against ex post facto-law (”retroaktiv rättstillämpning” in swedish).  Ex post facto-law means to change a current law or make a new law that retroactively alters a defendant’s rights, by criminalizing and imposing punishment for an act that was not punishable at the time it was committed, increasing the severity of already existing punishment or changing the criteria for the determination of guilt.

The problem with this argument, is that it assumes that the constitution can not be amended to include exemptions to legal principles. Something that is not only possible, but done more or less routinely for much less noble goals than providing the victims of terrorism with justice. Introducing Swedens ban against hate speech meant that an exception to our constitutional right to freedom of speech has been put into law, calls from Brussels has also lead to changes in the constitution to solidify our EU-membership.

So in other words, our constitutional right to freedom of speech (one of the highest values of a democracy) has been intruded upon to protect the delicate sensibilities of swedish citizens – microaggressions against swedes is seen as more worthy of punishment than terrorism against the third world. With the flick of a pen, the swedish parlament could change our constitution so as to enable prosecution of all ISIS-returnes. We could allow the ban against travelling to join terrorgroups, to be unique in holding the quality of enabling retroactive usage – if we are afraid of government overreach we could also set a time limit to this change in the constitution. So that we are given a decade to prosecute the perpetrators, and then automatically return to legal normality unless the swedish parliament through an overwhelming majority decides to actively prolong this retroactive applicability. As previously mentioned, we have already changed our constitution to enforce our membership in the EU, so when the brussels bureaucrats call for constitutional changes the swedish parlament obliges, but when third world:ers call for justice, nothing is done.


And when it comes to the ethical problems of Ex post facto-laws, one must remember that something being unethical in general does not mean that there are no particular cases in which it is allowed or even a moral duty to perform. And also that all ethical principles are not created equal, some may under extreme circumstances be necessary to temporarily part from in order to protect even higher ideals. The trial against nazi war criminals after world war II has been criticized for making use of Ex post facto-laws [XIII]. Should we have allowed the nazis go free simply to uphold this one principle, and thereby forsake all other principles of providing justice for past victims and protecting potential future victims?

To my knowledge, there seems to be no credibly way of defending the current position of not prosecuting all returning ISIS-members. If prosecutions were to start tomorrow, all would not be found guilty of course, some would successfully claime to have traveled to the area for other reasons. But the people who gloated about their membership in ISIS through socialmedia, or who lack the skill to lie their way out, would at least face justice.

If you wan’t to help solve this problem, I have started a petition that I would much appreciate to find your name on: https://www.change.org/p/the-swedish-state-swedish-is-members-must-be-brought-to-justice

You can also help by spreading this text, contacting media outlets to tip them about this story. Or by giving concrete tips to me on what to do and how, to further the prosecution of ISIS-members.

Thank you for your time.


***This text has gone through some lite editing since the original publication. Correction of spelling errors and rephrasing of unclear sentences. Newly acquired information has been added, and some details that was deemed to risk making the reading to tedious has been removed. One change of factual content has been preformed, previous versions of this text implied that I had emailed FI:s spokesperson (Gunno Gunnmo) on his personal email. This is not the case, I have been unable to find that specific email. One addition has also been made, regarding my exchange with the spokesperson for the green party, as our dialog has been ongoing***



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The quoted paragh taken from the local Malmö branch of the prosecution agencie, has been translated. The original was concentrated to one single sentence, but in order to accommodate the grammar of english it was needed split into two sentences and several commas and a dash (-) was added for the same reason.

The original swedish sentence is ”Avvägningen mellan skyddet för yttrandefriheten och skyddet för utsatta grupper är en rättsfråga snarare än en bevisfråga och bör avgöras av domstol genom en dom hellre än av åklagare i form av negativa åtalsbeslut.” (emphasis added) it is taken from (2018/07)”Hets mot folkgrupp på sociala medier – en vägledning” Utvecklingscentrum Malmö, see page 6.



Dujmovic, Robert (2018/03/09) ”79-åring klottrade rasism på toaletter och busskur” Helsingborgs Dagblad.


The quote ”go home arab swine” is not available in the article, but can be read in the court documents. The case in question is B 6914-17 (2018-03-08) from the Helsingborg district court.



Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20180725234617/https://www.hd.se/2018-03-09/79-aring-klottrade-rasism-pa-toaletter-och-busskurer



The government agency responsible for crime prevention, is called ”Brå”, the quoted report is called ”Misshandel mellan obekanta — kan fler brott klaras upp?” see to page 53.

Link: https://www.bra.se/publikationer/arkiv/publikationer/2007-06-26-misshandel-mellan-obekanta—kan-fler-brott-klaras-upp.html

O’brien, Zoie  (2016/01/22) ”Now ISIS declares war on OTHER MUSLIMS: Sickening threat over ‘hidden Shiite war’” The Express.


Link: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/637028/ISIS-propoganda-magazine-declares-more-war-this-time-on-OTHER-MUSLIMS


Dearden, Lizzie (2017/05/09) ”Almost 10,000 Yazidis ‘killed or kidnapped in Isis genocide but true scale of horror may never be known’” The Independent.





Archived: https://web.archive.org/save/https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/isis-islamic-state-yazidi-sex-slaves-genocide-sinjar-death-toll-number-kidnapped-study-un-lse-a7726991.html




The ISIS-returnee arrested for murder can be read about here:
Hazianstasiou, Stefan and Svensson, Ida (2018)”Återvändande IS-resenär begärs häktad misstänkt för mord efter skjutningen i Vivalla” NA

Link: https://www.na.se/artikel/orebro-lan/orebro/atervandande-is-resenar-begars-haktad-misstankt-for-mord-efter-skjutningen-i-vivalla

Archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20180725234826/https://www.na.se/artikel/orebro-lan/orebro/atervandande-is-resenar-begars-haktad-misstankt-for-mord-efter-skjutningen-i-vivalla

The Swedish Nazis that travelled to Ukraine can be read about here:
Salihu, Diamant (2014/12/10)”Svenskarna som strider i Ukraina” Expressen.
Link: https://www.expressen.se/nyheter/svenskarna-som-strider-i-ukraina/


Archived: https://web.archive.org/save/https://www.expressen.se/nyheter/svenskarna-som-strider-i-ukraina/




Human Rights Watch (2017/12/05) ”ISIS Trials: Iraq Deserves Justice” YouTube.com



” Bashar al-Assad Issued Law 19 of 2012 which contains a number of definitions of ‘terrorist act, terrorist organization and terrorism financing’ in addition to penalties of committing or promoting terrorist actions. ”


The quote above is taken from: no named author (2015/04) “Special Report on Counter-Terrorism Law No. 19 and the Counter-Terrorism Court in Syria CounterTerrorism Court: a Tool for War Crimes Violations” Documentation Center in Syria – VDC, page 10.


Link: http://www.vdc-sy.info/pdf/reports/1430186775-English.pdf


”[Iraq’s] antiterrorism law orders the death penalty for any person who commits, plans, funds or assists in acts of ‘terrorism’”The second quote is taken from ”Iraq TV show broadcasts ‘confessions’ of death-row extremists” The national UAE.





Wyzanski, Charles E. (1946/04) ”Nuremberg: A Fair Trial? A Dangerous Precedent” The Atlantic.


Link: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1946/04/nuremberg-a-fair-trial-a-dangerous-precedent/306492/
Archived: https://web.archive.org/save/https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1946/04/nuremberg-a-fair-trial-a-dangerous-precedent/306492/


Att mördas av elbolaget: vem ska sitta på makten?

En amerikansk 68-årig kvinna dog till följd av att elbolaget stängde av hennes ström. Hennes familj uppger att de bönade för hennes liv, hon behövde strömmen för att hennes konstgjorda andning skulle fungera. Befintlig lagstiftning gjorde egentligen denna nedstängning av strömmen olaglig. [1] Det låg ju knappast i företagets intresse att stänga av strömmen så att någon dör, då företagets renommé blir kraftigt lidande. Helt klart var det hela ett misstag, som troligen inte kan ha kommit ur en enskilds anställds inkompetens utan ur ett problem i företagets struktur – då familjen hörde av sig flera gånger till företaget i fråga.
Det händelsen berör på ett större plan är frågan om vem som bör ha rätt att styra över ekonomiska verksamheter. Allt från elbolag till biltillverkare har egentligen folks liv i deras händer (dock oftast indirekt), så vems händer lägger vi ansvaret i? I mindre allvarliga frågor än liv och död, innehar ändå ekonomiska verksamheter stor makt på människors vardag. Den nuvarande modellen har valt att lägga denna makt primärt hos de rika, som i rollen av aktieägare eller bolagsägare på annat sätt i normalfall tillser en ledning för sina företag. Detta grundat på tanken att rikedom samvarierar med förmåga och kompetens.
Tanken om att rikedom i den moderna ekonomin primärt skulle fördelas efter talang och ansträngning, förblir dock svår att belägga (då menar jag inte att alla arbeten och framgångar lottas ut på måfå, bara att den absoluta toppen av rikedom inte speglar den absoluta toppen av kompetens). Forskning har visat att det mest utmärkande draget för entreprenörer är inte personlighetstyp, utan tillgång till kapital som underlättar att starta eget företag. Florens som har en utförlig historisk dokumentation av personlig rikedom, har en överklass som är i huvudsak ättlingar till människorna som var överklass för 600 år sedan. Överklassens styre har i grova drag varit en rak och obruten linje. Troligen för att kapitalet ärvs, skulle jag mena. Tanken att Sverige skulle vara mer meritorienterad i fördelning av rikedom, är långt ifrån en självklarhet. En studie av våran överklass har visat att rikedom är starkt betingad av familjen man föds in i. De ekonomiska eliterna från Sveriges 1700-tal är fortfarande kraftigt överrepresenterade i vår moderna överklass. Detta är en provokativ tes, som andra forskare därför testat. En annan studie med kortare tidshorisont kontrollerade för andra faktorer i form av intelligens, färdigheter och utbildning, men kunde inte via detta bortförklara arvslinje av rikedom genom att åberopa någon superkompetens bland överklassen, utan det faktum att det finns dynastier av rika i Sverige förblev starkt belagd. Nationalekonomiprofessorn Tyler Cowen har påpekat att i Sverige avgörs rikedom i hög grad av vilken familj man föds in i, faktiskt i betydligt högre grad än i till exempel USA. [2]
Tidningen The Economist har sammanställt forskning i området, och kommit fram till att arvsöverklass som sträcker sig över flera generationer, har kunnat påvisats i studier i allt från Spanien, Sverige, Kina och flertal andra länder. Fenomenet verkar vara globalt. Empirin pekar på att familjetillhörigheten står för mellan 60-80% av en individs framgången.[3] Även forskning som inte ser till arv, styrker att slump har än mycket större roll i relation till talang än vad som oftast tror. Min poäng är inte att avundsjukt missunna folk, min egna lott i livet är inte orsakad av otur utan primärt av egen (o)förmåga. Min poäng är istället att se till rimligheten i frågan.

Frågan jag försöker belysa är alltså inte ”varför får andra vara rika men inte ja!”, utan: ”hur moraliskt är det att låta människor som till stor del fötts in i sin roll – bestämma över andra människors liv?” Även när en Wallenbergättling inte fattar beslut som berör liv och död, så utformar den ändå riktlinjer direkt eller indirekt för hur dess anställda ska spendera 8 timmar av dygnet.

Med detta i åtanke, blir inte kravet på ekonomisk demokrati lite rimligare? Eftersom vi alla påverkas av ekonomiska verksamheters beslut, i allt från hur lång uppsägningstider är till hur mycket utsläpp som genereras av bilarna vi köper – är det inte rimligt att allmänheten (via en gradvis, parlamentarisk och human övergång) ges mer inflyttande över ekonomin? Vad finns det för moraliska argument för att fortsätta styras av tursamma arvfurstar?

Haag, Matthew (2018/07/09) ”New Jersey Woman on Oxygen Dies After Electric Company Shuts Off Her Power” The New York Times.
Blanchflower, David G. och Oswald, Andrew J. (1998) ”What Makes an Entrepreneur?”. Utgiven i Journal of Labor Economics
Barone, Guglielmo och Mocetti, Sauro (2016) ”Intergenerational mobility in the very long run: Florence 1427-2011” working paper.
”Analyzing surname distributions among Swedish elites – attorneys, physicians, university students, and academicians – this paper shows that conventional measures greatly overstate social mobility. The Swedish elite of 1700 is still an elite, and is becoming average only slowly.”
Citatet ovan är tagen ur Clarks, Gregory (2012) ”What is the True Rate of Social Mobility in Sweden? A Surname Analysis, 1700-2012”
”Sweden is viewed as an egalitarian utopia by outsiders, but reality is complex. In some ways Sweden has less social equality than the United States. While the American upper class is largely meritocratic, the upper class in Sweden are still mostly defined by birth. […] The upper classes in Sweden retain a disproportional hold on wealth and power. The formal nobility in Sweden constitutes around 0.2% of the population. A couple of years ago I looked through the list of the wealthiest Swedes. Fully 10% of the richest Swedes are members of the nobility. By contrast not a single one of the richest Swedes was a non-European immigrant. Of Sweden’s prime-ministers Sweden during the modern era 20% belonged to the nobility. [….] At the same time, the intergenerational mobility of top wealth is chokingly low. A recent studyfound that a astonishing 80-90% of inequality of top wealth is transmitted to the next generation in Sweden!””
[hämtad 2016/06/13]
Björklund, Anders; Roine, Jesper och Waldenström, Daniel (2012) ”Intergenerational top income mobility in Sweden: Capitalist dynasties in the land of equal opportunity?” Journal of Public Economics volym 96.
Pluchino, A; Biondo, A. E.; Rapisarda, A (2018/02/20) ”Talent vs Luck: the role of randomness in success and failure” eprint arXiv:1802.07068

Valfläsk i länder utan demokrati

Valfläsk i icke demokratier låter som en paradox, men det förekommer faktiskt. Många icke demokratier har trots allt folkstyre på pappret, bara det att systemet riggas eller manipuleras till att hålla vissa vid makten. Detta förvanskande av systemet är ofta skört, varpå en riktigt kraftig majoritet kan tänkas rösta bort diktator eller oligarker – svårt att valfuska hur långt som helst. Varpå valfläsk ibland behöver tas till. Vilket ofta leder till att det sämsta (eller bästa beroende på vem du fråga) elementet i demokratier kan giftas in i icke demokratier.
Zimbabwe är ett utmärkt exempel. År 2002 var det val i Zimbabwe, och det såg bistert ut för landets defacto diktator. I ett försök att framstå radikal tog den dåvarande ledaren Robert Mugabes till retorik som gick ut på att ställa den svarta majoriteten mot den vita minoriteten. Han initierade ett program av att beslagta vitas mark och ge till svarta. Denna omfördelningsprocess kostade några liv. Inte nog med det, det ledde till mindre lyckade följder – då den vita minoriteten av bönder satt på kunskap om hur landmassorna skulle nyttjas för att odla maten som behövdes. Ett kunskapsunderskott fanns hos de nya svarta ägarna, förståeligt då inte tidigare jobbat som bönder. För att citera SR: ”Sedan dess har Zimbabwes ekonomi rasat brant; inflationen är omkring 600 procent. 80 procent av befolkningen lever under fattigdomsstrecket, […] och en fjärdedel av Zimbabwes invånare har flytt landet.” Det gick kort sagt från att vara från Afrikas kornbod till svält bland smulor, för att låna SR:s titel på reportaget (https://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=83&artikel=488062). För övrigt, SR uppger felaktigt att arbetslösheten skulle ligga på 70% – detta är en definitionsfråga och blir missledande, då många ”arbetslösa” jobbar inom den informella ekonomin eller livnär sig själva genom att odla mat som inte säljs (https://www.bbc.com/news/business-42116932).
Nu i Augusti är det val igen i Zimbabwe, och nu bjuder man på valfläsk genom att bjuda hem de vita bönderna för att rädda ekonomin (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-03/zimbabwes-exiled-farmers-urged-to-return/9392322)
Det detta illustrerar, är ett fynd som är lite optimistiskt och delvis går emot min pessimism tidigare av att de värsta från två världar möts i och med valfläsk. Nämligen att icke demokratier, finns det data på blir ändå lite bättre av att ha någon form av val. (Miller,Michael K. (2015/05/18) ”Electoral Authoritarianism and Human Development” Comparative Political Studies: http://cps.sagepub.com/content/48/12/1526). Hade Zimbabwe haft en kung som hatade vita, då hade han kastat ut dom och ryckt på axlarna åt all misär som kom därefter – i och med att han sitter på titeln president måste han ändå slänga en nervös blick mot opinionsmätningar då och då. Demokrati är lite som 80-tals stil, att köra det rakt igenom är perfekt men lite gran är ändå mycket bättre än ingenting. Det sorgliga i allt, är att Sydafrika håller på att begå samma misstag, just genom för att citera ETC:s reportage i frågan: ”Trots att resultatet blev ekonomisk ruin för landet och ledde till en omfattande korruption så blev Mugabe hjälte för många i Sydafrika eftersom han gjorde något – oavsett vad” (https://www.etc.se/utrikes/historiskt-beslut-vita-farmare-maste-lamna-tillbaka-mark). Vilket utgör en påminnelse av att demokrati, vare sig man har den i liten eller hög grad, blir bara så bra som man gör den till.

Penisskämt, rasism och subjektiva våldtäkter

Är 80% av Sveriges befolkning rasister? Jag skulle mena att så inte är fallet. Delvis baserat på att en undersökning från 2013 fann att vi var ett de länder i världen där minst antal människor hade något emot att få en granne som tillhörde en annan ras (Fisher, Max (2013/05/15) ”A fascinating map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries” The Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2013/05/15/a-fascinating-map-of-the-worlds-most-and-least-racially-tolerant-countries/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.1bd341807eea)
Men likt allt, handlar detta om definitioner. Tidigare Fi-ledare Victoria Kawesa har uppgett att ”När man säger så här: Om ni kommer hit ska ni anpassa er [då är det rasistiskt och i förlängningen är man rasist till följd]”
(Ganman, Jens och Panshiri, Mustafa (2018 {andra upplagan}) ”Det lilla landet som kunde” Vulkan. Se sida 154-155).
Kawesas definition får en spännande följd. Sverige går från att bli en av världens minst rasistiska länder, till att inneha 80% rasister i sin befolkning. För att citera mångfaldsbarometern ”Det är en mycket stark majoritet av befolkningen, cirka 80 procent, som under 2013 anser att människor med utländsk härkomst har en skyldighet att anpassa sig till landets vanor. Denna inställning har varit stabil över tid.” (Ahmadi, Fereshteh; Mella, Orlando; Palm, Irving; Darvishpour, Mehrdad (2015)”Mångfaldsbarometern – Tio år av attitydmätningar i Sverige” Gävle Universitet. Se sida 25).

Det detta belyser, är just vikten av att definiera sina termer högt för varandra. Man kommer aldrig kunna förstå varandra annars. Denna definitionsskillnad blir särskilt jobbig i frågan om moraliska termer. Om jag anklagar någon för att agera på ett starkt omoraliskt sätt (till exempel vara rasistisk), men att jag samtidigt använder mig av en kraftigt avvikande definition av den moraliskt laddade termen (utan att kommunicera definitionsval) – då riskerar jag att skapa förvirring och skada. Ett bra exempel, i området av sexuellt våld istället för rasism, utgörs av en aktivist i USA som frågade en man vad han hette (hon filmade honom för något slags reportage). Mannen ville tydligen vara anonym och kommunicerade detta på ett syrligt sätt. På frågan ”What is your name” svarade han:”It’s Hugh Mungus”. Han antydde alltså att hans penis var exceptionellt stor. Kvinnan i fråga började då skrika högt om att mannen hade sexuellt förgripit sig på henne, det slutade med att en säkerhetsvakt bad henne gå därifrån, förtvivlad ropade hon att mannen som dragit penisskämtet borde kastas ut istället då han är den som sexuellt utnyttjat henne (Föreläsning av Peterson, Jordan B (2017/03/11) ”2017 Personality 13: Existentialism via Solzhenitsyn and the Gulag” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w84uRYq0Uc8).

Man kan tycka att kvinnan har rätt, att plumpa vitsar kring sex riktat mot främlingar, befinner sig i samma moraliska område som att ta på någon annans kropp oinbjudet. Jag delar själv inte den åsikten, men försöker inte etablera min definition av sexuella övergrepp som objektiv och absolut sanning. Utan jag försöker framföra vikten av att använda definitioner som ligger i linje med den allmänna betydelsen av moraliskt laddade ord. Något kvinnan inte gjorde. Ett exempel på hur det kan gå när man avviker från den allmänna innebörden på detta sätt, har dokumenterats av av Dagens Juridik. En kvinna anmälde en man för vad hon ansåg vara våldtäkt. Hon pekade ut honom för polisen, och sedan fick hon höra en inspelning av sexakten, och vidhöll att hon våldtagits. Detta ledde till att hon blev dömd och mannen friad, hon dömdes specifikt falsk tillvitelse. I inspelningen kunde nämligen rätten höra att ”Det finns inte utrymme att dra någon annan slutsats av innehållet än att två personer förefaller ha frivilligt sexuellt umgänge. Tingsrätten noterar bland annat att de två personerna har en skämtsam ton och är vid gott humör. Det går därtill inte att konstatera att någon av de som hörs är anmärkningsvärt berusad, även om något verkar spillas ut och att den kvinnliga rösten då uppger att den andre är skyldig henne en dricka” (Hamrén, Hanna (2016/11/22) ”Kvinna döms för lögn om krogvåldtäkt – mannen hade spelat in samlaget” Dagens Juridik: http://www.dagensjuridik.se/2016/11/kvinna-doms-logn-om-krogvaldtakt-mannen-hade-spelat-samlaget).

Jag tar inte upp detta fall för att försöka sprida uppfattningen att det skulle vara vanligt att kvinnor ljuger om våldtäkter. Jag anser snarare att kvinnan var ärlig. Det var säkerligen den tidigare nämnda kvinnan som ansåg att ett plumpt skämt utgjorde ett sexuellt övergrepp, också. Jag vill inte förneka folk deras personliga upplevelser. Min poäng är istället, att man bör inse när ens personliga upplevelser och egenvalda definitioner – frångår de allmänna definitionerna. Inte bara för att man riskerar att förstöra sitt förtroendekapital, när man säger att ”Anders på jobbet är rasist” och alla tror att han hatar andra raser eller kulturbärare, men så visar det sig att han bara ville att invandrare skulle anpassa sig till Svenskt kultur. Utan också för att man riskerar att ropa varg mer allmänt. Sådana här fall som de två tidigare nämnda, kan utgöra retorisk stoff för de som vill trivialisera ropet på hjälp från de utsatta av grova övergrepp som närmast alla är överens om utgör rasism eller sexuellt våld, berättelser om våldtäkt med hjälp av vapen eller lynchningar till exempel kan misstas vara sådana fall som de två nämnda kvinnornas då samma termer används. De som breddar termerna gör det inte lättare att bekämpa de dom tycker ska läggas till i kategorierna av förkastligt beteende i min uppfattning, utan de riskerar snarare att mjölka ut termerna och därmed skapa ett samhällsklimat som möjliggör för de värsta övergreppen att äga rum. Denna slutsats blir i alla fall oundviklig om vi accepterar teorin om mikroaggressioner (tanken att förtryck mot utsatta grupper reproduceras via vardagliga till synes triviala akter som att säga negerboll, vilket får den kumulativa effekten av att möjliggöra stora övergrepp så som lynchningar samt i sig utgöra en ofrivillig dagliga taxeringen på de utsattas välmående). Om jag får vara fördomsfull, så misstänker jag att många som vill bredda dessa termer – faktiskt ofta sätter tro till mikroaggressioner. Varpå ett breddande av dessa termer, utan att kommunicera det tydligt och regelbundet – blir självdestruktivt för deras egna målsättningar.

Detta betyder inte att du ska hålla tyst om allt du tycker är rasistiskt eller sexuellt våld, bara för att allmänheten använder termerna på ett annat sätt. Men när du kritiserar dessa företeelser, var transparent med ditt språkbruk. Använd antigen andra termer.  Istället för att säga att det är rasistiske att ha för få svarta i en film ,kan du säga att den rollbesättningen riskerar att reproducera skadliga fördomar och attityder. Eller klargör istället inledningsvis vad du menar med termerna, säg till exempel ”ibland tänker folk att rasism bara är fördomar eller hat mot andra raser och kulturbärare, men för mig innebär det också . . .”.

Även om du inte håller med mig om något annat av det jag skrivit, så tror jag det blir svårt att inte hålla med om att samtalet blir bättre om vi alla försöker vara lite tydligare med vad vi menar.

Flyktingmottagning och terrorism – SD:s orimliga tur

SD har ju sådan osannolik tur i år att det inte går att stava till. Den konservativa Heritage Foundation, släppte nyligen data över antalet europeiska offer för islamistiska terrorbrott sedan 2014. Det blev sammanlagt 1,417 skadade och 327 dödsfall. Inte nog med det, rapporten nämner uttryckligen i sin inledning att ISIS nyttjat flyktingströmmarna för att smuggla in förövare i Europa, något som tidigare förnekats i svensk press som osannolikt (Simcox 2017/08/01). Ett reportage från vänsterliberala The Guardian, uppgav att ISIS försökte skapa ännu större flyktingvågor till Europa, i syftet att infiltrera med fler islamister (Boffey 2018/04/26). Detta förstärker och förvärrar det som redan vänsterliberala BuzzFeedNews rapporterat om, nämligen att ISIS nyttjar flyktingströmmarna för att smuggla in terrorister i Sverige (Giglio och al-Awad 2015/01/30). Att de två förstnämnda släpptes i år, som är ett valår, är enormt tursamt för SD. Framförallt ger det episodisk bevis (vilket jag här använder i bemärkelsen av ”starkare än anekdotiskt, men inte riktigt empiriskt”) för det som en studie styrkte för fem år sedan. Nämligen att länder som tar emot fler flyktingar, ökar sin risk för terrorism (Choi 2013).

Den studien hade SD oturen kring, att den inte blev uppmärksammad. Vad jag vet rapporterades den inte om i Svenskt media överhuvudtaget (rätta mig gärna om jag har fel på denna punkt). Men med datan från Heritage och rapporten från The Guardian, kan de tänkas impregnera tidsandan med tanken att flyktingmottagning leder till mer terrorism. Denna studie kan då i denna process återaktualiseras. Detta skulle leda till svårigheter att försvara immigration ytterligare.

SD:s försök att flytta debatten från ”vi som vill begränsa invandring tänker på pengar och är realister, medan ni som inte vill begränsa tänker med hjärtat och är optimister” till: ”vi som vill begränsa tror vi räddar mest liv via A, medan ni som inte vill begränsa tror att flest liv räddas via invandring”

har hittills inte gått särskilt bra. Man har talat om hjälp på plats, och de insatta SD-sympatisörerna är där numera väldigt pålästa om storleken på FN:s flyktingbudget relativ svensk immigrationskostnad etc. De anser sig ofta vunnit denna debatt. Men i de breda folklagren, tycks fortfarande begränsning av invandring vara ett beslut som går ut på att ”sätta Sverige först” eller sätta ”plånbok före hjärtat”. Vilket blir svårt att sälja in. Men en association till terrorism, kan mycket väl låta SD vinna debatten. Denna association ska nog inte vara svår att slå fast hos folk. En majoritet av Svenskar uppgav 2016, att de ansåg att flyktingmottagning ökar risken för terrorism (Haglund 2016/06/12). De kan vinna detta, om de spelar sina kort rätt. Vilket jag betvivlar att dom kommer göra. De har otrolig tur och goda förutsättningar detta valår, men de kommer troligen supa bort det.


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Is the swedish lying about immigration?

Today I will explain why using unedited printsscreens of newsstories in a video, could destroy or at least potentially seriously damage the carrier of any youtuber, and I will also discuss what Swedens probably most famous reporter, views as his professions greatest betrayal of the swedish public – and we will delve into two cases of modern censorship in sweden and the agenda to decrease media diversity and consumer choice. More broadly I will examine the following claim: is the Swedish  media biased towards favoring generous immigration policies, by in generaly downplaying and giving disproportionatly small attention to negative side effects of immigration – and demonizing critics of generous immigration? This is not an attempt to prove or disprove a conspiracy, but to look for a typ of structural or cultural bias – not a planed one.


The question of this potential bias in media, is often assumed to be a right-wing issue. This assumption is a rather strange one, first of all the volume of immigrants a country decides to accept, is hard to classify convincingly as intrinsically right- or left-wing. Discriminatory immigration-policy based on ideas of preserving racial, ethnic,cultural or religious purity – are uncontroversial placed to the right of the political spectrum. But limiting the number of immigrants based on the idea of keeping wages high or on saving cost that can be put to more direct assistance of the third world such as government aid to poor countries, is hard to call right-wing (even if one belives the economic thinking behind this reasoning to be flawed, being wrong does not make one a right-winger). Swedens former socialist prime minister Olof Palme told our then minister of immigration, that accepting to many immigrants to Sweden would cause misfortune. The self identified ”democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders, has stated in an interview that open borders is a right wing proposal[1]


A second assumption, is that if such a bias exists, it is a benign one – a problem that only the anti-immigration or anti-immigrant right should worry about. This assumption of media bias being harmless, is more than strange, it is downright dangerous.


Most media sources in Sweden are either capitalist corporations,

or else they are state controlled due to them being a part of our public service. Being a leftist and a socialist in particular, I find the risk of bias in such a structure – worrying and also plausible. Any leftist familiar with the works of Noam Chomsky on media, should share these concerns. We must realize that allowing the media to develop stronger biases in one area, emboldens its dishonest tendencies, through this – mediaowners are taught that they can get away with lies and half truths more generally. If a bias towards generous immigration policies exist, it should be combated on the grounds of principle as well. Honesty is allways worth fighting for. So is there a bias then?
The reporter I alluded to previously, the price wining investigate journalist and host of his own TV-program, Jane Josefsson, claims that colleges of his were fired if they strayed from an expected line of how to portray immigration, and he describes holding onto this one sided way of portraying immigration and all issues related to it, as being our times greatest betrayal by the press of the public. Wikileaks also reports that Swedish media has been censoring news report on the issue of immigration and crimes, for years: [1]
Wikileaks might be dismissed as influenced by Russia, so lets take a look at their source, which is a collection of anonymous swedish journalist speaking out about this censorship. Which is not a government censorship I must emphasis, but one that has taken place within the media itself. One journalist having changed jobs several times, states that all his workplaces invariably  either had an explicit or implicit policy of only discussing and presenting issues related to immigration from one angle.[2]

But can one really rely upon a group of anonymous people, what if the author of the piece just made the hole thing up instead of collecting confessions? We need to look for singed testimonies, if such do exist in none trivial amount then the credibility of these confessions increases, otherwise its believability is weakened. The Swedish vlogger ”Angry Foreigner” has already brought attention to a journalist who confessed, under her own name, to previoulsy having been part of the enforcement of the so called ”corridor of acceptable opinion” (roughly equivalent to the english concept of ”overton window”) [3], specifically the corridor on the issue of immigration. This confession is far from unique in its nature. And sometimes people don’t come forward but are instead caught read handed. To quote and article from the Spectator, specifically about a number of sexual assaults at a festival – where the ethnicity of the perpetrators and even the incident itself was at first meet with radio silence: ”the police and even journalists covered up the truth […] The police claimed that there were ‘relatively few crimes and arrests considering the number of participants’. Internal reports told a different story. The police were shocked enough by the harassment to try to come up with a strategy to handle the groups of molesters at the festival — a strategy that was evidently unsuccessful. The trouble was that they were trying to deal with a problem but would not speak its name. As Peter Ågren, police chief in central Stockholm, put it: ‘Sometimes we do not dare to say how things really are because we believe it will play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats.’ As we now know, police officers in Stockholm are instructed not to reveal the ethnicity or nationality of any suspects lest they be accused of racism.”[4]

This event indicates that for every signed confession, there might be many hidden cases of bias. Let us return our focus to confessions. A multiple prize winning journalist and previously a host of his own TV-program, besides Jane Josefsson, has witnessed the same process. How he from inside the media saw the mechanisms at work, how criticism of immigration was tied to nazis and other extremist – moderate critics where ignored entierly. One of the higher-ups in media was asked if it was even possible to criticize generous immigration policy from a non racist angle. She answered that if such a criticism is possible, she had not heard it. [5]

A professor of economics, who has put forth such a non racist critique of generous immigration, in the form of economic facts –  has pointed out that while powerful figures in the media denied that a cultural or corporate form of censorship existed, they simultaneously encouraged media actors to ”show courage by not taking part of the debate [with critics of the current immigration policy]” (my translation, all translations from Swedish to english in this text are done by) . In other words the media denied that they were refusing to give a space for dissent against the mainstream, while at the same time being proud of not engaging dissenters in conversation and thereby robbing them of a meaningful voice. As he points out, journalists and editors would occasionally claim that no such media censorship existed, but at a conference he visited (as well as sometimes openly in writing) they would encourage their colleagues in the press not to give dissenters or their views space in media platforms. Durring a discussion broadcasted on the channel axess tv, two journalist mentioned that they had visited a similar conference in which the discussion about ”keeping the lid on” immigration issues (particularly crime) – and only the two journalists confessing to the discussion on TV, advocated for removing the lid. Durring the same broadcast, a third journalist said that the potential accusation of racism was keeping the mainstream press quite in regards to immigration.

The publisher of the newspaper Expressen, has even openly complained about how much more is ”allowed” to be writen about in the Danish press, on these issues. Their media is open to a degree that she finds ”uncomfortable”. This discussion of not ”allowing” ceartain things to be said, is not some speculative thought experiment. We will return to Expressens experience on this issue.

The journalist Jenny Persson has openly admitted that she wants to write about islamic oppression of women, and she feels that her self censorship on this issue is a ”betrayal”, but states that she can’t write about these things. Because then ”you swedish racist would vote for the Swedish democrats [a right-wing party in Sweden]”.

When a news scoop came out that fabricated evidence for claims of asylum was being produced and sold on the black market – in effecting giving criminals the opportunity to push out or steal state resources from real refugees, the media employee Thomas Nordegren, admitted to having know about this phenomenon for years. He had been aware for up twenty years even. The reason for not reporting on the issue up until 2017, was according to him the following: ”We [in the media] have been guided by good intentions, to be very carefull […] we resonated that reporting about the importance immigration has on the worsening of school performance, criminality, terrorism and antisemitism and other issues […] that we to a small degree have kept quiet about that. Our motives have been to not increase prejudice against the large majority of immigrants that are decent […] it seems that these rules no longer apply”

When the reporter Tim Pool visited Sweden to report about our ”no-go-zones”, he claimed that ”Sweden is one of the most uneasy countries I have ever visited. Several of the people I interviewed were afraid to tell me their opinions – out of fear of losing their job” (this is a retranslation from an Swedish translation of the quote, so the wording is not exact and should be read as a paraphrasing rather than a quote).

Two Swedish journalist who criticized swedish immigration policy, Marika Formgren and Gunnar Sandelin, have also seen serious repercussions for this outspokenness. Both in the field of carrier options, and in their personal life when it comes to losing friends[6]

From outside the media sphere, politicans interacting with the media have also made critical observations of this bias and censorship. Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth former cultural minister for the moderate party, has claimed that the media ”covered up” news stories, particularly news stories that broke the mainstream media narrative on these issues.[7] Her party is right-wing economically, but not right-wing on the issues of immigrantion. It is known for having a former party leader who urged the swedish people to ”open your hearts” towards immigrants, and a current party leader who once advocated open borders. Even further to the left, a former spokesperson off the environmentalist party, claims that a large part of the swedish political and media elit has been lying about the issues relating to immigration. [8]

The journalist and former childs right activist Gunnar Sandelin, claims in one of Swedens leading newspapers that important facts have been ”concealed by both politicans and massmedia[…] We have seen a national cover-up regarding all things related to immigration, asylum and refugee-issues.” [9]

The former university professor in media law, and by now former parliamentary ombudsman Hans-Gunnar Axberger – noted this same phenomena in 1992 (he only blamed the media though, excluding politicans from his condemnation). Yet another journalist has joined this chorus of witnesses to censorship, to quote Nathan Shachar:  ”Sweden is […] a temple of Orthodoxy, in which we in the name of noble ideals bully dissenters […]Subject matters that are lightyears away from racism, such as the protection of victims of honourviolence and statistics about immigration, is a red hot tabu in Sweden. ”[10]

But perhaps this is merely the media adapting to demand? This seems to be a rather unfounded excuse. Surveys indicate that the public views the media as dishonest on the issues of immigration. Research from 2017 found that most respondants (54%) assumes that the media is lying to them about immigration, on no other topic was the public distrust greater. In a studie  on behalf of the European Commission , europeans were asked the following questions ”Would you say that discussion about immigration in the EU is based on facts and reliable data?” 59% of swedes disagreed, in no other european country was the level distrust greater. To quote the journalist Ivar Arpis summary of the opinion polls (which data I will link in the fotnote): ”Consistently a majority or [at times] a plurality of the swedish people has wanted to reduce the number of refugees sweden takes in, this trend has held since the 1990”. Let me also quote the pricewinning journalist Jörgen Huitfeldt on the implications of these facts: ”To operate a group of policies that is dysfunctional in nature, goes against the public will, and differes strongly from other countries policies, should have been difficult”.  And it probably would have been to, had the media not shown such a tremendous bias.

Where does this bias come from? One formative experience for the modern media profession, comes to mind. The chief editor of one swedens largest newspappers, the previously mentioned Expressen,  was fired by the magazines parent companie back in the early 90:es. He was fired for publishing a series of articles in which he trutfully but in an agressive tone reported the majority opinion among Swedes regarding immigration. The basis of the story was an opinion poll, in which a majority of swedish people answered yes to the question of ”Do you think the goverment should actively work to make immigrants with residence permits, return to their home countries”. The newspaper reportad that these findings ”inspired dread”, and described the questions as ”unpleasant”. Despite this, the chief editor had to go.  Even though the newspaper later reported that they had a diffrent opinion towards immigrants,  that they advocated taking care of immigrants and allowing them to stay. Such an experience of the company owner fiering even top managment simply for reporting the truth (albait in an alarmist way), has probably left mental scars on the press. The current publishers opinion on what should be ”allowed” to print, should be read in the light of this firing[11]


Some defenders of the media might want to point towards the report which showed that most media coverage about immigration and immigration-issues is from a negative angle. [12] Sad to say, this counterargument doesn’t prove anything. This only indicates that the media bias isn’t universal and insurmountable, without any measurement of how an objective and impartial media would chose to report on the issue (such an completely unbiased media might be impossible by the way) we have nothing to compare to. There might be a huge deficit of negative stories, the amount of negative stories might be one tenth or one hundreth of the amount of stories that would pass by non-biased gatekeepers. The fact that the media doesn’t chose to counter-weight all the negative stories it lets pass, with positive ones, does not disprove a bias in either selection of stories or the potential skewing of the stories that do get published for that matter. They might have been a lot worse in tone and included many excluded facts, if the bias was removed.


So far the case for the existance of a media bias, seems strong. With the groundworks laid out I want to turn our attention towards the worrying future. And that future is best viewed by looking towards the past. There once existed a completely crazy channel on youtube, a channel that was in my opinion far right in its content and deeply dishonest, simply put fake news. This channel was called ”GranskningSverige” (”scrutinizing sweden” in english). GranskningSverige once unironically claimed that Sweden was a secret dictatorship (which we are not, trust me on this one). This channel was taken down, but this take down was the most damaging victory for the side of truth we could have been given.
GranskningSverige was not taken down for its race batting or outrageous lies, it was taken down for including printscreens of newsstories. The swedish newspapper Expressen  contacted google, who owns youtube, and claimed that these printscreens intruded on their ownership of these newsstories. The rights group “Reporters without borders”, have pointed out that this claim is factually wrong, such a use of newspaper printscreens is covered be the citation-right (an exception to the swedish copyright law). But this didn’t matter to google, they removed the channel entirely instead of just the videos in question. [13]


So if you ever use screenshots of newsstories in your videos, this could potentially happen to you. So therefore make sure to edit the footage in some way. Doing so makes it a work of your own, and thereby makes the copyright claim weaker. This however is not guaranteed to work, as google is already interpreting copy right further than its actual reaches.


Right-wing libertarians will defend this arbitrary and selective enforcement of terms of agreement by private corporations, as a healthy or necessary right of capital. They will ask you to imagine yourself as a small business owner, wouldn’t you want to able to remove customers who were annoying you? Isn’t it unreasonable to demand that corporations allow dissent and uncomfortable voices? It’s not like their breaking any laws by taking people of their platform.


I must admit that these libertarians are partly right, corporations are in fact not breaking any laws by removing content that offends their owners or managers. These corporations often award themselves the right of primacy in interpreting there own terms of agreement, as a part of these very same terms. They have thereby given themselves an automatic victory in all ambiguous cases – you and I have consented to them apointing themselves as judge, jury and executioner. Shouldn’t we just take responsibility for signing crappy contracts? What right-wing libertarians miss however, is that there are potentially serious consequences of treating multi million dollar international corporations that have come to dominate new forms of media, the same way that we treat mom and pop shops.
My comrades on the left might share a similar sentiment to the right-wing libertarians, at least on the issue of ”GranskningSverige”, why should we leftist care? Spreaders of hate were deplatformed, isen’t that a good thing? If actions existed in a social vacuum one could make that case, but the world does’nt work like that. If we allow huge corporations to censor, they will grow accustomed to this power and use it against less deserving voices. For example a feminist critic of marketing was censored and charged a fine, thanks to a copyright claim used by a corporation as an excuse to silence the bloggers criticism of their marketing image. This happened just a few years ago in Sweden, and a similare case has happend to another blogger. On a global scale the Socialist world website is to this day fighting against googles censorship. [14]


In sweden, powerholders of our majormedia firms are pressuring Google and facebook to ”remove hatred and threats” (despite only 0,25 of googles searchresults falling under this category, according to google themselves and no other data has been presented on this issue), and the media powerhouses also wants google to make a distinction between them and alternative newssites. This is obviously Newsspeak for privileging their stories over others, and perhaps even silencing the alternative newssites, seeing as copyright is interpreted to widely today, what is to stop an arbritrary use of the terms “hatread and threats” to be missued in a simulare way. The lead editor of Expressen, Thomas Mattsson, and the former lead editor of the newspaper Aftonbladet, Jan Helin  – has been presuring Google for years to hire a large group of editors, to function as gatekeepers. The author and social commentator Rebecca Weidmo Uvell, points out that this would be the end social media as we know it today in the form of an egalitarian way of spreading information – it would mean the degrading of google into to becoming mearly another variant of the old mediahouses. We would no longer have the option of easily and quickly spreading our opinions and analysises online and have it be found by everyone who googled the issue – instead our ideas would go through a filter. This would be an enormous overkill to fix an overhyped problem, a fix that would end the paradgime shift towards egalitarian and personaly produced content, and once again focus informational power in the hand of capitalist corporations. [15]


But me defending these right-wingers, am I not being a usefull idiot on there behalf? I would strongly disagree to this accusation. As the leftist Noam Chomsky points out, we are either in favor of freedom of speech for our enemies, or for no one at all. [16] I would extend this to freedom from censorship to cover abuses by huge capitalist corporations, not just censorship by states.


What if anything can be done about this? A self-serving suggestion from my part is to ask you to spread this content, as a way of spreading awareness of these issues . I would also suggest creating laws that gives huge tax incentives for sites hosting creators like youtube does, to change their terms of agreements to be more liberal, and to allow impartial non corporate controlled judgment of potential violations against these terms – at least in major cases. Lets exemplify this: if a youtuber is about to lose their channel, youtube should be given a taxbreak compared to competitors, if Googles uses a process of deciding in such cases, that allows for the formation of a quick but fair trial by an independent jury selected randomly from the general public. This might seem far fetched, but in sweden a similare system is already in place in the form of the ”marketingombudsman” (”reklamombudsman” in the original Swedish). The marketingombudsman up holds privately agreed standard of decency in advertisement, and allows advertisers to defend themselves against charges in privately held but independent reviews. This cost the taxpayers relatively little, and at the same times allows a form of fair self-regulation of marketing.


A more direct course of action for the individual viewer, is to let youtube, facebook and similare sites know that you are upset by their censorship, and don’t just let these be words. Breach out to other sites to ensure your content is secure, start a second videocreator account on live leaks as back up if youtube takes your channel down, and in your complaint to youtube let them know that their actions have pushed you to take these precautions, precautions that strengthen their competitor. Similare actions can be employed towards facebook and google (just make sure not to use one of their subsidaries (such as using instagram as a failed attempt to replace facebook, facebook owns instagram)).


All of these are suggestion, I am not a living answer sheet to all of lifes problems, if you have better options I would be genuinely happy to learn about them in the comment section. We must remember that my suggestions are of course short term fixes, the problems described are the results of a deeply dysfunctional economic system – our long term plan must be to replace capitalism. A topic I will be returning to another time.
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The minister of immigration that Olof Palme warned about immigration, later wrote honestly that our generous immigration policy was only possible thanks to the difficulties of poor and oppressed people to reach sweden in large numbers, one can wonder if this journey is stil holding back the necessary amount of people to protect the system from collapsing. You can read her comment on this in Leijon, Anna-Greta (1991) ”Alla rosor ska inte tuktas” Tiden






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Link: https://www.dn.se/nyheter/politik/svenskarna-har-svangt-4-av-10-vill-ha-betydligt-farre-flyktingar/


The quote from Huitfeldt in the original swedish is: “Att under så lång tid föra en politik som uppenbarligen fungerar illa, saknar folkligt stöd och samtidigt skiljer sig så kraftigt från andra länders borde ha varit svårt” and can be found in originalHuitfeldt, Jörgen (2018/02/21) ”Därför frågar jag om invandringen” Kvartal vol.1

Link: https://kvartal.se/essaer/drfr-frgar-jag-om-migrationen


For the firing of the cheif editor of expressen, se Johannesson, Kurt (2013{originaly publishe 1998} )”Retorik eller konsten att övertyga” (ISBN 978-91-1305676-0, E-book by Publit)  Norstedts publishing. Page 207-215.


The in academic in the field of massmedia, Lennart Weibull., has commented that the article that got the editor fired, was not hostile towards immigrants – but a case of missplaced ironi. The article was even mild, compared to what still happens in british press – see Byttner, Karl-Johan  (2013/11/05) ”Medieprofessorn: ”Går inte att jämföra med Expressens Kör ut dem” Resumé.



An article from 2006 reports that the story from expressen ”continues to be a  blemish on the reputation” of the magazine (”löpsedeln är fortfarande en fläck på Expressens rykte” in the original swedish. A many year reputational damage, for reporting the truth ”Granberg, Mats (2006/01/04) ”Konsten att göra ett löp” NT.

Link: http://www.nt.se/nyheter/konsten-att-gora-ett-lop-1288706.aspx







Södering, Eigil (2018/02/05) ”Nej, svenska medier mörkar inte problem med invandringen” ETC.

Link: https://www.etc.se/inrikes/nej-svenska-medier-morkar-inte-problem-med-invandringen




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Link: https://www.dn.se/kultur-noje/jonathan-lundqvist-ska-vi-verkligen-ge-bort-makten-over-vem-som-far-horas-till-amerikanska-foretag/



Gunnarsson, Tomas (a.k.a ”Genusfotografen”) ”Så här blev jag censurerad och 15 000 kronor fattigare” Link: http://www.genusfotografen.se/?p=687

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Another swedish blogger was silenced in a similare fashion Andersson, Marie Emma (2012/02/11)”DN skickar advokater på bloggare – på grund av skärmdump” Ájour.

Link: http://www.ajour.se/dn-skickar-advokater-pa-bloggare-pa-grund-av-skarmdump/




“[Thomas Mattssonm Expressens chefredaktör:] Vi var en rad mediechefer som alla hade samma erfarenheter av stora sociala medier-plattformar: nämligen att de inte snabbt nog rensar bort hot och hat […] och att de inte lyckas göra skillnad mellan seriösa journalistiska aktörer och så kallade alternativmedier […] Enligt Farshad Shadloo [kommunikationsansvarig på Google i Norden] är 0,25 procent av den trafik som kommer från Google hatfyllt eller en typ av material som anses stötande och att de jobbar aktivt för att få bukt med problemen.”


The quote above is from Rågsjö-Thorell, Andreas; Nilsson, Thomas  (2017/06/04) ”Mediechefer i bråk med Google” Resume





Regarding the pressure on Google to hire editors see Uvell, Rebecca Weidmo (2018/03/14) ”Fire inte the Hole, Yttrandefriheten” on her site uvell.se

Link: https://uvell.se/2018/03/14/fire-in-the-hole-yttrandefriheten/

Se cites among others Lundquist, Hanna (2018/03/07) ”Mattsson: ”Anställ 200 redaktörer, Google!” Journalisten.

Link: https://www.journalisten.se/nyheter/mattsson-anstall-200-redaktorer-google




“Goebbels was in favor of free speech for views he liked. So was Stalin. If you’re really in favor of free speech, then you’re in favor of freedom of speech for precisely for views you despise. Otherwise, you’re not in favor of free speech.”

Quoted from Achbar,Mark; Wintonick, Peter (1992: Documentary) ”Manufacturing Consent: Noam

Chomsky and the Media “


Can be read on the films IMDB-page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0104810/quotes



Vänstern och masochism

En studie visade att de med vänstersympatier var mer villiga att döda någon i spårvagnsproblemet, om den var vit, än om den var svart. De med vänstersympatier värdesatte alltså i praktiken svartas liv mer än vita. Samma effekt fanns för konservativa, när de skulle bedöma uppoffrande av irakiska eller amerikanska civila (studien gjordes i USA). Överlag visade studien att folk inte vet att de är inkonsekventa i sin etik.(Uhlmann, Pizarro med flera, 2009)
En av forskarna bakom studien är värd att citera direkt ”Another finding that we got is […], that some people, when we presented these results, would say, well, you know, liberals are right because, in fact, a Black life is worth more than a white life (these were white liberals in New York City, Chicago, just so you know).”(Pizarro 2009)
Denna forskares sammanfattning är värd att citera ytterligare, då inkonsekvent tänkande här som sagt inte enbart gäller vänstern – men att ett självutplånande tankesätt hemsöker vänstern även inom andra områden än frågan om liv och död:
”This is not just about consequentialism and deontology; these just provide a nice set of examples of moral principles that other psychologists use. But we’ve also asked, just to give you an example, we asked people about freedom of speech. Do you think that freedom of speech is a principle that should be upheld no matter what? Depending on the scenarios that you give, for instance, so half of the participants we said there’s a Muslim protester that was burning the American flag and proclaiming America to be evil.
When we asked the liberals and conservatives, ‘do you agree with what he did?’ most people say ‘no’. When we ask ‘Do you think that freedom of speech should be protected despite this?’, liberals say ‘of course freedom of speech should be protected!’; conservatives say ‘absolutely not, this is just not right.’ But if you give participants a scenario in which a Christian protestor showed cartoons of Mohammed and proclaimed that Islam was evil, the conservatives say, ‘Freedom of speech should be protected, no matter what!’ And while the liberals say, ‘No way, freedom of speech has its limits!’ (Pizarro 2009)
Allt detta är som nämnt gjort i USA, det är inte säkert att resultatet kan återskapas i Europa. Men det framstår för mig troligt att det kommer gå att reproducera, då många av karaktärsdragen som präglar vänster och högersympatisörer har i andra fall visat sig vara internationella. Denna tankemässiga snedvridning passar även utmärkt in i pusslet över varför rasism och sexism i extrema identitetspolitiska kretsar, omdefinieras till att enbart gälla utsatta grupper, där allt översitteri görs definitionsmässigt till något sällsynt eller försumbart när de riktas mot de som inte har strukturellt förtryck hängande över sig. Det passar in i andra fall också. Som när en man i Sverige liknade ett böneutrop till en åsna och fick en samling fanatiker utanför sitt hem (vissa bärandes kniv enligt vittnen) som ville skada honom för detta hädande, mannen i sig åtalades för hets mot folkgrupp medan de med plan på misshandel eller värre, fick gå fria (Helmerson 2015/02/25). Vad jag vet blev aldrig hädare fälld. Om detta självutplånande finns, begripliggör det även fallet gällande den norska vänsterpolitikern Karsten Nordal Hauken som blev brutalt våldtagen i sitt hem av en Somalisk man, och som sedan uttryckte ansvars- och skuldkänslor över att förövaren skulle utvisas till följd av detta (Murray 2017/05/04:179-180, som i sin tur hänvisar till Nordal 2016/04/06).

För att inte nämna den veganska vänsteraktivisten som dödade den homosexuella marxisten Pim Fortuyn för hans kritik av islam (Murray 2017/05/04:140-142). Vänsteraktivisten motiverade mordet med att Fortuyn ”angripit” muslimer, dessa angrepp var ju endast i form av kritik mot islam som ”bakåtvänd” –  Fortuyn kritiserade inte muslimer som grupp (vad jag vet) utan specifikt islam som lära. Även om Fortuyn hade kritiserat muslimer som grupp, kunde man förvänta sig en viss gruppsolidaritet från de på vänsterkanten. Då Fortuyn utsattes för dödshot från muslimer, vänsteraktivisten borde ha känt att han och den livsstilsliberala Fortuyn, tillhörde samma gemenskap som hotades av högerfundamentalister. Men så blev det icke.

Med risk för att bli tjatig kan vi nämna den tyskturkiska vänsteraktivisten som blev våldtagen av tre män, och som därefter ljög om att dessa skulle vara etniskt tyska män. En lögn vilket förstås underlättar för dem att undgå rättvisa. Hon erkände senare till lögnen och uppgav att de var flyktingar. Därefter skrev hon ett öppet brev till dom, i brevet bad hon om ursäkt för den ökade mängd rasism de skulle utsättas för till följd av detta (rasism mot våldtäktsmän, är nog inte rasism om du nu inte identifierar ras eller kultur väldigt brett). Och tillade att de tre förövarna förtjänade att vara fria (Murray 2017/05/04:201-203, hänvisar i sin tur till det öppna brevet länkat nedan). Nu råkar jag tycka att sexualförövare ska sitta bakom lås och bom, men det kanske är utslag för min undermedvetna rasism. Man kunde förvänta sig att hon som vänsteraktivist skulle känna igen dessa våldtäktsmän som sexister, och därmed känna att gruppen kvinnor behövde stärkas genom att låsa in våldsamma sexister. Istället kände hon att det var gruppen rasifierade, som var i större behov av att stärkas. Specifikt stärkas genom att tre våldtäktsmän skulle få det lättare att undgå rättvisa.
I ett annat liknande fall hade en aktivist för öppna gränser blivit gruppvåldtagen av en grupp flyktingar, hennes medaktivister övertygade henne att förtiga händelsen för att inte skada deras rörelse. Vilket hon först gick med på, men senare anmälde händelsen, varpå hon kritiserades för att anmäla våldtäkten till följd av sitt ”agg” (Murray 2017/05/04:203, hänvisar till en artikel utan angiven författare med namnet ”Attivista stuprata da un migrante ‘ Gli altri mi chiesero di tacere'”)

Det framstår helt enkelt som om vänstersympatier ofta samvarierar med en form av gruppmasochism. Jag säger detta som en stolt medlem av tokvänstern, så självklart är det inte alla i tokvänstern som lider av denna masochism. Forskningen som styrker min tes, är än så länge blygsam. Det är helt möjligt att jag kan motbevisas längre fram i frågan. Men i dagsläget vågar jag hävda att vi inom vänstern plågas av att vissa av våra högljudda kamrater lider av viljan att utelämna, förringa och uppoffra sin egna grupp – antigen som vit, som man, som cis etc. Detta blir av uppenbara skäl kontraproduktivt, och bör inte sammanblandas med att hjälpa de utsatta grupperna. Att hjälpa utsatta grupper är något viktigt, men självgissel är skadligt,och är något vi får försöka assistera våra välmenande vänstervänner att se dårskapen i.

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Ingen angiven författare (2015/09/25) ”Attivista stuprata da un migrante ‘ Gli altri mi chiesero di tacere'” Corriere Della Sera.
Länk: https://www.corriere.it/cronache/15_settembre_25/attivista-stuprata-un-migrante-mi-chiesero-tacere-non-creare-scandali-496d3388-6370-11e5-9954-7c169e7f3b05.shtml

Help me put ISIS-members in jail

This is a story about the 150 plus Swedish inhabitants who left Sweden to join ISIS and later returned to my home country[1], and this is also the story of how the the Swedish government is ignoring it’s own laws in order NOT to prosecute these ISIS-members.

First some relevant background into Swedish legal history. When the prosecution against Julian Assange was prematurely terminated, it was later restarted again by the  Prosecution Development Centre (i.e ”åklagarmyndighetens utvecklingscentrum” in the original swedish) [2]

This department possesses that particular authority and responsibility. By which I mean the ability to start prosecution when the ordinary channels for justice cease to function. A power it rarely uses. When it is used, it is to make sure that laws are not interpreted too narrowly – thereby ensuring that illegal activity is properly prosecuted. The issue at hand, is not directly related to the Assenge-case, that case is simply brought up to illustrate the mechanism involved.

Swedish law prohibits preparations to commit crimes, as well as accepting an employment to perform illegal acts.  Or giving/receiving of other payments to commit a crimes. The law also prohibits facilitating crimes. All of this is spelled out in our penalcode (i.e ”Brottsbalken”) chapter 23, paragraph 2. The law in the original swedish is linked, with other sources, in the videodescription. [3]

Joining ISIS is to take upon oneself an employment for the purpose of commiting crimes. This act also entails volunteering to receive payment for these criminal tasks. Traveling to ISIS-controlled territory to join the group, is also a textbook example of making preparations for crimes. According to CNN, ISIS-members had to fill out quote. ”a kind of job application for the terror group”.[4]End quote.  with the two employment options of being a ”fighter” or ”suicide attacker. Clearly the idea that their are ISIS-members who did not agree to assist the organisations terror, is a myth. At the very least, this journey to, and employment by ISIS, is definitely a case of substantially facilitating others in their criminal activity, which as previously mentioned is outlawed as well. If a man joins ISIS, only to repair cars, these vehicles are still used to transport slaves and travel to hotspots to commit murder.

Despite this, returning ISIS-members are only prosecuted for concrete violations (other than the act of preparing crimes) that they as individuals have committed. This results in the majority of them getting off Scott free. The fact that they are not all prosecuted for the preparations of committing crimes, on the basis of having joined ISIS – is a case of gross negligence. Particularly they should all be prosecuted for preparations to murder and to enslave – seeing as these too are ISIS main activities. All who joined ISIS must have known that they volunteered to commit, or assisted others in committing murder and enslavement. They have also received a salary for their willingness to perform these tasks if commanded to. Whether one can be proven to have committed one of these crimes, the standard applied currently, should not be relevant to the criminal activity of preparing to commit a crime, a preparation that is fulfilled by simply traveling to ISIS-controlled territory and joining their ranks.

But today  the law is not  respected. The absurd standard used today means that if two brothers joined ISIS, an arbitrary distinction could be drawn between them.  Despite the comonality of them both having taken upon themselves the duty of committing murder if ordered to, both having had accepted a salary for this willingness to commit murder. But only if one brother videotaped himself committing a murder, would he be charged upon returning to Sweden. While the second brother, who did not document what he did or did not do, would walk away Scott free. As if the acts of joining a terrorist group and accepting a paycheck to follow it’s orders, where somehow benign.

As a comparison, in 2016 a man was convicted of planning a murder when he traveled to his ex-partner with a knife and an axe in his car. The women was warned by friends of the man, that he harbored murderous intentions. [5]  Another person has been convicted of planning to steal a jacket, by cutting of the alarm attached to it.


In both of these Swedish cases. The preparations to commit crimes, were far lesser than that of traveling to another continent. The evidence of planned wrongdoing.  Was far less than that of taking a job in a murdering and enslaving terrorgroup, in the area where they are actively committing their atrocities.

To my knowledge, there seems to be no way of defending the current position of not prosecuting all returning ISIS-members. If prosecutions were to start tomorrow, all would not be found guilty of course, some would successfully claime to have traveled to the area for other reasons. But the people who gloated about their membership in ISIS on socialmedia, or who lack the skill to lie their way out, would at least face justice.

I have emailed the Prosecution Development Centre. Asking them to start a prosecution, and to answer why this hasn’t been done so far. They told me that the question was too unspecific to answer. They also refereed me to the local Public Prosecution Areas (i.e ”åklagarområde” in the original Swedish) subsections (i.e ”Åklagarkammare” in the original Swedish). As being responsible for the decision not to prosecute.

I have emailed almost all of these Public Prosecution Areas subsections, they have responded that no actions will be taken on the issue. I have sent an emailed to registered a police report with the Swedish security police (known as Säpo), in an attempt to start a prosecution myself.

Even if I am mistaken on the issue of Swedish law. Even if there is some very legitimate reason why the swedish authorities do not act. Some reason that they refuse to share with me, what about Iraq and Syrias own laws?

To quote a video from Human Rights Watch: ”The [Iraqi] courts are using these [antiterrorist] laws to punish people solely for their affiliation with ISIS. They don’t require prosecutors to provide evidence of the more serious crimes ISIS fighters committed. So a person who cooked for a group of ISIS fighters or a doctor who worked at his local hospital after ISIS took over are facing the same penalties as fighters who tortured, raped and killed.” [6] Now I obviously don’t want civilians who happened to live and work in territories that were conquered to be charged, but the people who traveled to join voluntarily should be brought to justice. So Sweden must reach a compromise with Iraq. Continuing to let ISIS-members flee from Iraqi justice and go unpunished in Sweden is unacceptable. And let us not forget Syrian law. The current situation is an insult to all who has suffered at the hands IS.

If you are interested in my emailconversations with the Swedish authorities, I will link printscreens of them in the video description. I am spreading this information, in the hopes, that you the viewer, will help bring media attention to this issue – and that Swedish authorities will thereby feel pressured to do their job, and show some basic level of decency towards the victims of ISIS. I have mailed a ton of media outlets
, but so far I have been met by complete radiosilence. If you have any tips on how to help, I have started two forum threads. One in swedish, and one in English. You can find them in the videodescription. [7]

Thank you for your time.



Thornberg, Anders (2017/01/09) ”Säpo-chefen: Över 150 jihadister har återvänt till Sverige” Aftonbladet.

”The form featuring 23 questions and other items is short and to the point, delving into the recruits’ background and way of life. Here’s the information asked of each applicant: […] Fighter or suicide attacker”
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